Personalized training for beginners, mediums and advanced students

The Yoga Hall is in a rooftop with palm leaves, with view to the surrounding tropical nature.

Human beings are composed of different things and these different things are also affected differently and manifests in our bodies. The mind affects the spirit and the spirit affects the body. We have created meditative moments that help bring about healing from within. Sacred Feminine workshop, Life Changing workshop, Life Coaching sessions, Aquatic floating therapy,Healing Massage Therapy, Reiki sessions and Yoga with SONIA INDIGO is beginning of journey to discover one's true soul.


Relax, Meet, Enjoy

Shiva garden home stay at Varkala, is a complete party heaven for food, dance, music and culture lovers. It has been conceptualized keeping varied moods of party lovers in mind. It has an open-air party area with greenery all around with guests flocking in from across the country and other parts of the World.

Shiva Garden has already taken Varkala's party scene by storm. One's search for an oriental party destination quenches here.


Kalari course with Kerala government registered Certificate.Personalized training

Kalaripayattu is an Indian martial art from the southern state of Kerala. It was originally practiced in northern and central parts of Kerala and the Tulunadu region of Karnataka. Kalaripayattu includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry and healing methods. Regional variants are classified according to geographical position in Kerala; these are the Northern style from Malabar region in north Kerala, the Central style from inner Kerala and the southern style from Travancore region of south Kerala. The southern Payattu system is now extinct and the Tamil style of "Adi Murai" is classified as the southern kalarippayattu.


Body Board and surf board Start from to per day

Just a few years ago, the very new idea of surfing in Varkala would have seemed oxymoronic to anyone. These days however, everybody's gone surfing in Varkala. And if you are into surfing at all, and you are planning to visit Varkala, Shiva Garden turns out to be your best choice with a wide variety of surf boards.

Shiva Garden allows you take out the waves of Arabian Sea.


Start form per day

Kayaks are eco-friendly and lets you surf the backwater landscape at your own pace. to explore the lakes and backwaters in Varkala.

Shiva Garden offers top-class and user friendly tandem kayaks that are built to the highest safety standards. Here our kayak and explore the waterscape on your own.


Get in on the action with all of your favorite table games

Shiva Garden offers more table games variety than any resorts in Varkala, with one of the most spectacular and comfortable surrounding.

Our spacious floor offers guest to have entertainment with various table games like caroms, chess, card games etc.