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Experience Shiva Garden – an unforgettable Home Stay ambiance Perched near a majestic red cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea, this charming home stay welcomes you with hospitable services. Many rooms offer a view of the beautiful garden that surrounds the resort and which grows many famous Ayurvedic plants and trees.When you can connect with the soul of a land, drink in its natural beauty, know its people and their ways, you become a participant rather than a passer-by. And authentic new experiences are born. The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. Shiva Garden Home Stay is one of the best homestays in Varkala and is composed of 4 apartments, 6 balcony rooms, 2 Deluxe Rooms, 5 budget homestay rooms, 3 Tree Huts, 2 dormitories with 8 places each and 6 tents.


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Shiva Garden

Our Home Stay, Shiva Garden Home Stay, open since 2007, is located 5 min. walking distance from the main beach, called Papanasam Beach, located along the North Cliff. Varkala is quite a recent place to visit in India and has only been developed as a tourist destination since around 1985. Slowly "North Cliff" of Varkala Beach became developed for tourists. There is a promenade built by the Department of Tourism, which allows a scenic walk for about 1h30 heading North, passing Odayam beach, until the famous Kappil beach, were the backwaters meet the sea. Often in high season, during the morning time, you can see dolphins around the coast, specially in the more peaceful beaches like Black Beach, Odayam beach, until Kapphil Beach.

For the ones who enjoy sports, you can find Surfing, Stand Up Paddle (SUP), Para-pent, running, badminton, volleyball and football (on the beach).

Papanasam Beach

Located in South India, Kerala (God's Own Country), Varkala beach, is one of the Top 10 beaches in India, rated 3rd place by Tourists, and one of the First 30 Tour Destinations in the Planet, rated 28th place among the 100 top ‘Best Value Index’ around the globe. Papanasam beach which is renowned for the natural spring. It is considered to have medicinal and curative properties. A dip in the holy waters at this beach is believed to purge the body of impurities and the soul of all sins hence the name Papanasam beach. The beach is a haven for sun-bathing and swimming. The evening views of the sunset are worth lingering over.

Varkala is a touristic beach town in South India, located along the coast of the Arabian Sea, in the state of Kerala, 50 km north of Trivandrum, (the nearest airport), and is home of the popular Papanasam Beach.

Getting Around in Varkala

The town of Varkala is about 5 km inland, centered around the train station, and can be reached via auto-rickshaw for around 90 INR.

The resort area lies along two Cliffs, North and South, overlooking the beach areas.

The main Papanasam beach is between North and South Cliff, while less crowded Black Beach and Odayam beach are more north.

This entire area is easily accessible by walking or cycling the fine sidewalk along the cliff edges.

From Varkala to Anjengo, towards South, there are many deserted beautiful beaches, still to explore.